Why Medix

     Impeccable Quality

    There is an infused vigour into our quest for the best healthcare products, adhering to standards of international quality. Reliance on dating, labelling and ingredients regulations, help to keep abreast of the competition both in the domestic and international markets.

     Commitment to Excellence

    Continuous efforts are always underway to improve our products in every possible manner. Our team of highly qualified and experienced personnel work continuously to source new products, considering popular demand of the sector. Constant monitoring of products movements and brand performance through field visit, retail audit data, brand trackers and sales analysis leads to excellence

     Large Warehouses

    We are equipped with huge storage facilities with great infrastructural support which gives us a head start in terms of competitive pricing.

     Market Research

    Our in depth market studies keeps our team committed to finding better alternatives to more expensive products, to benefit end users.

     Environment Conducive to Growth

    Growth and development at Medix is aimed at expanding its global footprint. Medix team members are an important segment of our success story. The courage, capacity, confidence, perseverenice and unrelenting determination of our personnel, help us to face challenges both internal and external. Mutual respect, friendly and encouraging environment and ample development opportunities help us to bring out the best in the workforce.

     Affordable Medicines

    Making sure that the best quality medicines are made available to the masses at the most affordable prices gives us great satisfaction. Through our constant innovation practices and in house logistics support, we have made this possible.

     Established and a wide distributor network

    Since the management are personnel with immense experience in different businesses, they already have a ready commercial network of distributors, both in the country and abroad, therefore catering to huge demands is easily possible, promptly, all over the globe, honouring timelines.