CERDIX Bio-Ceramic Wound Treatment Devices

Cerdix is a microporous ceramic that expels off excess wound discharge (fluid produced in the wound) and locks it into the ceramic by high capillary suction power. Thus, Cerdix is able to create an optimal environment for the nature to cascade its genetically pre-programmed tendency to heal the wound.Cerdix when tested on various types of acute and chronic wounds showed quick deodorization of wound and signs of healing on continuous usage

Cerdix identifies the wound exudate (fluid produced in the wound and its contents) as the specific target for wound treatment. It not only covers and protects the wound from infection, it enhances removal of the excess exudates, thus making a suitable condition for wound healing with no or minimal scar. Cerdix antibacterial property is mechanical in nature and it ‘sucks’ the microbes from the wound.The low cost and unique method of application and exceptional safety profile of Cerdix sets it apart from all other known wound care products.Cerdix Bio-Ceramic Wound device offers a straightforward solution that is cost effective and requires no expert medical care or clinical surrounding in Wound Treatment.

Quality Assurance

These products are backed by USFDA Approval, CE Mark as well as Quality Management Systems based on ISO-9001-2008, ISO-13485-AC-2007 and WHO-GMP standards.